What Can ONE Person Do?

With the late Elie Wiesel serving as Lifetime Honorary Chair, The Echo Foundation promotes justice and inspires hope through education, service and the development of leadership for a more humane world.

March 12, 1997, as the culmination of a community-wide, year-long educational Elie Wiesel Project, internationally revered humanitarian and Nobel Laureate for Peace Elie Wiesel spoke “Against Indifference” to more than 23,000 students and adults. So inspired was he by this visit to Charlotte that, as he left, he challenged the community to act on its convictions in the critical areas of human dignity, justice, and moral courage.

Then, in an extraordinary act of faith in action, he offered seed money and his own assistance in obtaining speakers and developing programs to address these critical issues. And so, rather than allow his visit to pass like a benevolent breeze, we decided to harness it, using it to create The Echo Foundation.

"Justice is Not Negotiable"
Dr. Denis Mukwege & The Panzi Hospital