Project Description

With education as a primary vehicle for delivering the message of humanity and tolerance to the Charlotte Region, the focus of The Bernard Kouchner Project is to heighten awareness and understanding through education and building bridges across race lines. Using its substantive relationship with area public, private and parochial schools, The Echo Foundation presented a curriculum, teacher workshops, lectures, plays, student dialogues and more to students and faculty across the county in a year-long program focusing on peace, justice and alleviating suffering outside our national borders.

At Echo we believe in the words of Echo Honorary Chair Elie Wiesel, “Education without compassion is a dangerous tool”. Moreover, we believe agree that we cannot, indeed that we dare not, raise a generation of citizens that is indifferent to the suffering of others. With world-renowned humanitarian, and founder of the Nobel Prize winning organization “Doctors Without Borders”, or “Médecins du Monde”, inventor of “humanitarian intervention,” creator of the European Volunteers for Development movement and “Globus”, former French Minister of Health and Special Appointee of U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan for peacekeeping in Kosovo, Dr. Bernard Kouchner as a catalyst, Compassion Without Borders addresses this issue head on…with dignity, compassion and respect.