Poetry Contest

Third Place


Investigating Truth


By: Yeonsoo Sara Lee

Sophomore, Myers Park High School


Truth is what we seek for

Truth is what we cannot see

What is truth? And what is fact?

Can we search for truth?

Or is it already here?

Sometimes science says this

And religion says that,

And some of these ‘this’es and ‘that’s

Can overlap.

But other times, we doubt one,

We doubt their truth

And this creates a conflict

Between not only me and you

But me and myself, and sometimes I,

I try to find the truth in our world now.

Religion provides the why

But science reaches for the how,

Evolution, Creation, the Big Bang, the Flood,

Miracles, science, history,

The heavens, the inferno and purgatory

Life and death provide a certain mystery

That mankind cannot crack.

There are limits to our understanding,

Science is one window,

Religion another,

And sometimes we can even see through each other.

But other times the windows are dark

And we cannot see,

And must turn to the other

For some kind of understanding.

They’ll never be completely reconciled

Or completely apart

But I, I personally leap in faith

But want to study and examine

Life’s motifs

So I’m still investigating truth

I think it’ll take a while

My entire life, perhaps and likely.

But I’ll still be investigating

And trying to understand

Others’ beliefs

While I can.

So I protect my own truth

But consider others

While they and I, and we seek for truth