Voices Against Indifference Initiative

One by One by One…..

Paul Farmer & Partners In Health

September 2008-July 2009

Paul Farmer Headshot from PIH

“This is the duty of our generation as we enter the twenty-first century—solidarity with the weak, the persecuted, the lonely, the sick, and those in despair. It is expressed by the desire to give a noble and humanizing meaning to a community in which all members will define themselves not by their own identity but by that of others.”

Elie Wiesel, Nobel Laureate for Peace

Each year, millions of people worldwide die of preventable causes – most attributable to poverty. Without infrastructure or money to procure primary healthcare, vaccines, medication, clean water, food, or housing, over a billion people living below the poverty line of $1 a day subsist at the mercy of fate. Based on his experience treating patients in Haiti’s impoverished Central Plateau, Dr. Paul Farmer made a commitment to curbing the unnecessary loss of human life. He developed a comprehensive healthcare model tailored to the rural poor and helped found Partners In Health to implement it. Today, in nine countries worldwide, his organization is saving billions of lives with its holistic approach to community health. With this project, The Echo Foundation highlighted Dr. Farmer’s example, both as an inspiring demonstration of the power of individual initiative and as proof that we are all indeed our brother’s keeper.

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