Nkondo 1 Primary School is located in one of the impoverished, rural areas of Rwanda. It’s roughly 1,200 students come from surrounding villages in Rwinkwavu, and few of these communities have electricity or access to running water. For the majority of the students and their families, survival is a difficult challenge in itself; most subsist day to day on their own farming and agriculture.
Much like the community, resources and facilities at Nkondo 1 are scarce. With only 15 teachers and 13 classrooms, the students must be divided into morning and afternoon sessions. Only a handful of textbooks can be found, and almost none of the students have paper or pencils. Health problems are severe as well, as the school only possesses 15 latrines, half of which are typically unusable. Government standards dictate there should be at least 50 clean, functional toilets due to the number of students.