Friday, March 16, 2001

Spirit Square, 9am – 1:30pm

A day long workshop for 100 second graders, 10 liaison teachers, and 10 artist teachers to culminate the pilot character education program for second graders.  Students will engage with artist teachers to create performances representing what they have learned from the four-week curriculum focusing on Cooperation, Honesty, Respect and Compassion, and Responsibility.  The performance will take place at 12:20pm.


Artist Teachers

David Crowe
Roger Davis 
Singer-Song Writer/Guitarist/Director and Actor
Bill Fears 
Director/Actor and Teacher
Elda Franklin 
Joanna Gerdy
Actress/Playwright/Director/Director and Teacher
Shirley Gilpin
Sydney Horton
Actor/Director/Youth Theatre Director and Teacher
Candace Jennings
Actress/Singer/Dancer/Choreographer/Director and Teacher
Ruth Sloane
Playwright/Actress/Singer/Director/Director and Teacher
Christine Van Arsdale