Unleashing the power of one.

The Holocaust.  Bosnia.  Rwanda.  Most people would earnestly agree that such atrocities on any scale must not be repeated.  And yet, in times of general peace and prosperity, there is a natural tendency toward complacency regarding life's most fundamental, enduring values.

It is precisely at these times that we must be most vigilant in protecting and fostering the fragile values of justice, moral courage, and dignity.

For even when goodwill exists in abundance, it requires organization, structure, and direction.  When the tremendous but scattered energy of the desire to do the right thing is focused and perseveres, there is no limit to the good that can result.

The Echo Foundation is a non-profit, educational foundation governed by an International Board of Advisors and a Charlotte Board of Trustees.  To date, many outstanding professionals in the community have offered their services to The Echo Foundation pro bono.  In addition, the corporate, religious and educational communities have been generous in their support.

But we still need your help.  The Echo Foundation invites you to join us in the ambitious task of -- as Elie Wiesel puts it -- "creating small miracles," one person at a time.

What can one person do?

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