Footsteps Global Initiative

In this age of globalization, it is vital that young people expand their knowledge, heighten their sensitivity, and broaden their awareness of critical world issues so that they can develop into compassionate adults. Travel and hands-on experiences have the capacity to transform students in a way that transcends classroom learning; only by “doing” can young people fully appreciate the challenges that face them as future leaders. This unique leadership initiative provides regional youth with the opportunity to learn about, travel to and serve locations of humanitarian importance, providing them with a global perspective.

2017 Footsteps Global Initiative: Cuba

2016 Footsteps Global Initiative: Bosnia

2012 Footsteps Global Initiative: Youth Engage!

2011 Footsteps Global Initiative: At home in North Carolina

2010 Footsteps Back to Rwanda

2008 Echo Abroad: Footsteps in Rwanda

2007 In the Footsteps of Elie Wiesel