Can one individual make a difference? Do we have the ability to touch the lives of millions around the world? Elie Wiesel, Nobel Laureate for Peace, thinks so.

One person can be a miracle makers by “raising a voice against indifference that resonates into action.” And if one person can make a difference, imagine the power of one neighborhood, one community, one city. The mission of The Echo Foundation is to tap into that power: “…to sponsor and facilitate those voices that speak of human dignity, justice and moral courage in a way that will lead to positive action for humankind.” Yours is just such a voice.

You have the power to act.E


On March 27, 2007, The Echo Foundation challenged the Charlotte community to act against indifference.

At the Student Dialogue, Inter-Faith Forum for Hope and Community Lecture with Elie Wiesel, over 3,000 people received challenges to create a more compassionate and just world where indifference is a thing of the past.

Tell us what your challenge was and how you made a difference. Action Echoes.