Read some of the most frequently asked questions about The Echo Foundation and its work.

What is The Echo Foundation?

The Echo Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote justice and inspire hope through education, service and the development of leadership for a more humane world. Echo pursues this mission through five key initiatives: Voices Against Indifference, Books Beyond Borders, Living Together in the 21st Century, Forum for Hope and Footsteps Global Initiative.

Does The Echo Foundation provide student internships?

The Echo Foundation is currently seeking 2 interns who will maintain and develop our existing websites during a summer-long internship. Click here to learn more.

Does The Echo Foundation accept donations?

Echo relies on financial contributions to fund our work. These donations provide students with educational experiences in order to infuse them with a personal responsibility for human kind. Click here to learn more about how to donate.

How are donations distributed?

The Echo Foundation depends on corporations, individuals and other foundations in order to equip students with the necessary knowledge and experience to become responsible global citizens.