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Poetry Contest

3rd Place


The Lost

By: Aslynn Halvorson

Sophmore, Butler High School

Too many yesterdays, and not enough tomorrows,

Soon to have night wash away our sorrows.

The stars come out, but they no longer shine,

Such as my soul, which no longer is mine.

For rivers our tears, our numerous grief,

The desert our hearts, parched with disbelief,

The moon to shine and the stars to become dead,

Our dreams to the gallows, in droves they were led.

But how can I weep, and not have emotion?

How can I be forgotten when I had such devotion?

How can the people not hear the children’s cries?

Why can’t they stand up and counter such lies?

Why can I scream, and still be left unheard?

If only they knew what really occurred.

My heart no longer beats or longs to forgive,

Because after death, where is the passion to live?

For this we must speak, and resurface the pain,

For this we must speak, and honor the slain.

For this we must speak, so the past stays that way,

For this we must speak, so that evil will pay,

And lastly we speak for the most important reason to take away.

We all must speak so that the lost can see day.